Stop Wasting your Time Running QuickBooks Reports Manually!

Watch this 2-minute video to see how easy it is to schedule automatic financial reports with ActiveBooks

ActiveBooks is ideal for:

  • Sales and collections staff, who must chase clients for payment;
  • Company officers who want regular reports by email;
  • Remote employees/contractors who don't have access to your QuickBooks;
  • Early birds, who want to prepare before they get into the office;
  • Professionals on the go who have to call in to the office for the latest financial information;
  • Anyone who needs important company financial information regularly but who can't easily log in to QuickBooks to get it.


  • Costs only $199 and will pay for itself by saving you time and keeping you and your staff more informed, focused and productive;
  • Features a comprehensive set of practical, actionable reports to help you manage your business;
  • Works with multiple Company Files;
  • Delivers HTML, PDF, Excel or CSV reports;
  • Is very easy to install and use;
  • Includes free technical support;
  • Works with QuickBooks Enterprise/Premier/Pro, U.S. and Canadian Versions 2012-2016 on Microsoft® Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista or Server 2012/2008.

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