ActiveBooks will save you Time & Money!

ActiveBooks reviewActivebooks helps keep an eye on the bottom line

A client asked me to help them build custom reporting functions from Quickbooks to help them keep an eye on their sales through the day. They not only wanted to see the sales figures throughout the day, but wanted to ensure that the staff was entering invoices in a timely manner. As I investigated solutions to this problem on the internet I ran across Activebooks. It was the perfect solution to my client's problems at a tiny fraction of the time, money and effort that would have taken to write a custom solution. It installed easily and quickly and my clients had their sales figures delivered directly to their email in minutes not months!

      - David Chehebar, Technology Consultant, Evolution

ActiveBooks reviewActiveBooks helps us provide better client service

We had been searching for a way to have automated reports emailed to our clients from Quickbooks. After googling a bit, I ran across Activebooks. It was easy to install on our server. They were very responsive with my questions about the product as well. Now we have about 20 reports going out daily or weekly to all our clients at 6 in the morning.

Our clients have been very excited get this "current" information and to have a firm who appears so proactive in communicating what is important to them. One client even asked me if I was getting up at 2 in the morning just to send him his daily cash reports and AR reports. I would heartily recommend this to any firm who that provides live Quickbooks data for their clients. It is a well written program that does what it says it will do.

      - Rocky Davidson CPA, Davidson & Collins, LLC, Macon, Georgia

ActiveBooks reviewActiveBooks speeds up our invoicing

In order to track and review time for our people in the field, we used to print out reports from Quickbooks, physically distribute them to each supervisor and wait for them to be returned before we could bill our customers. For the past year, ActiveBooks has been automatically emailing the time tracking reports to our staff directly. This allows us to check the time much faster and return it via email faster. Using ActiveBooks easily saves us dozens of hours per month and gets our invoices out faster as a result. Saves time, money and paper. Great product!

      - Cory Levenberg, President, 42 Inc

ActiveBooks reviewActiveBooks is a huge time saver

Activebooks was just what I was looking for. To be able to have reports sent to the appropriate executives without all that labor is huge. Not only did it come with great reports, when I ran into a unique report my team needed, the ActiveBooks team quickly rose to the challenge and in short order I had what I needed. I strongly recommend this product to anyone who has to produce and deliver QuickBooks reports. It is a huge time saver.

      - Steve Bridge, CFO, Elements

ActiveBooks reviewThanks for the great service

Thanks so much for the update. I have installed and tested the new [Sales Tax Liability Report] against our "books". It works great! Thanks again for being willing to respond in such a way. Truly a happy user!

      - Kevin B. Landers, President, Bezaleel DTG

ActiveBooks reviewActiveBooks is an excellent return on investment

Having ActiveBooks has been a huge timesaver. It used to take me 30 minutes a week to create reports and email them to the team. Now that we have ActiveBooks running it's like I have 3 extra days a year. No question on the return on investment.

      - John Meilleur, Principal, C3 Associates

ActiveBooks reviewActiveBooks beats me over the head with my unpaid invoices

I am a solo business and real estate lawyer who is a one man show - and fortunately very busy. I want/need automation rather than a payroll. I road tested and bought ActiveBooks solely so it would beat me over the head on my unpaid invoices at whatever periodic intervals I want from time to time. It does so without a hitch.

The program is a cake to install, there is no operation, its invisible other than a marked improvement in my A/R aging and cash flow. What more can you ask of a product that performs as promised without exception and on autopilot?

      - Carleton R. Kemph, Counselor at Law